Are you a busy landlord with multiple properties to manage? Or are you an individual property owner who simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to manage your property effectively?

That’s where we come in. At our property management company, we offer a comprehensive property management service that takes care of all the details so you don’t have to. And the best part? We offer this service for just AED 1200  per property.

Our service include property maintenance, marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, lease agreements. In short, we take care of everything related to your property, from finding and screening tenants to handling maintenance and repairs.

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Everything you need to know about our property management services

Our services encompass comprehensive property management, including marketing, leasing, tenant screening, documentation, accounting, reporting, inspection, maintenance, and dispute resolution. The price starts from AED 1200 per annum. We also provide customized packages to meet your specific needs.

Property management relieves you of various responsibilities. We serve as the primary contact for tenants, manage rent collection, oversee repairs and maintenance, and handle all necessary paperwork. This is particularly advantageous for those with limited property experience or busy schedules.

Our tenant screening involves verifying employment information and collecting valid identification documents, such as passport, visa, and Emirates ID copies. Additional supporting documents, such as salary certificates, may be requested if necessary.

Our property inspections comprise check-in and check-out evaluations for individual units. Additionally, we perform routine inspections during lease renewals. In the context of building management, we conduct quarterly fire audits, building inspections, and detailed annual assessments that include repair and upgrade recommendations.

Upon a tenant’s departure, we conduct end-of-lease assessments. If repairs are necessary, a report is provided to both parties to determine cost responsibilities. After resolution, repair and maintenance activities commence, followed by property remarketing.

In most cases, security deposits are held by Tycoon Real Estate. Upon a tenant’s departure, repair expenses attributed to the tenant are subtracted from the security deposit, and the remaining balance is promptly refunded.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will avoid bad tenants, we do our due diligence to significantly reduce the risk. This includes thorough background checks through proper documentation as well as periodic inspections to identify or preempt any bad tenants.

Rent can be submitted directly to your local bank account or deposited into our company account, with the balance transferred to you after deducting any applicable expenses such as utility bills, maintenance charges, and service fees.

Property damages are deducted from the security deposit. If the deposit does not cover the entire cost, the tenant is responsible for the remaining amount. Disputes can be referred to the rental dispute center.

Tycoon’s Property Management oversees a diverse range of properties across the UAE, encompassing residential properties such as apartments, townhouses in both leasehold and freehold areas, as well as commercial properties including offices, retail units, and warehouses.

To guarantee proper property maintenance, Tycoon’s Property Management conducts periodic inspections, typically during contract renewals, to identify any damages and prevent unauthorized activities such as sub-leasing.

While cost-effectiveness is crucial, selecting the cheapest contractors isn’t always the ideal choice when it comes to property maintenance. At Tycoon, we recognize the need for quality work. Therefore, we have established a systematic process for vetting service providers. Our service level agreement outlines pre-negotiated prices for services and parts, ensuring that our landlords receive competitive rates without sacrificing service quality.

Our approach to managing maintenance requests involves the Tycoon’s Customer Care team, responsible for recording, processing, and ensuring follow-up on all maintenance requests.

Our aim as property managers is to minimize your involvement and make your life as convenient as possible. With our property managment program your involvement will we very minimal as Tycoon Real Estate takes care of coordination with third-party contractors maintenance.

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